General information with regard to COVID-19 - Coronavirus

General information with regard to COVID-19 - Coronavirus

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In the context of the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, we would like to inform you about the following:

The health of our visitors and employees is, of course, our top priority. That is why Europcar is taking measures to limit the spread of the Coronavirus as much as possible. We follow the national guidelines set by the RIVM. We have implemented stricter hygiene measures: extra cleaning operations, specific attention to surfaces that are regularly touched (door handles, payment terminals, touch screens of coffee machines, counters etc.) and regularly disinfecting our hands.

Our services will continue to be available in the Netherlands

As one of the leading car rental agencies in the Netherlands, we want to continue to be of service to you. Over the past days, we even observed an increase in transport needs within several specific branches. Our means of transportation are considered an alternative to public transport, and companies use our vehicles for additional transport of their goods and/or services.

We believe our service is extra important in these times, as we seek to contribute to safe mobility. For corporate clients, we can even deliver a rental car to your home, if necessary. We recommend contacting us well in advance in this case, so we can schedule the appointment.

Safety first

To safeguard the continuation of our services and the safety of our employees and clients, Europcar has implemented stricter measures in response to the Coronavirus.

Additional measures at our rental locations:

  • We installed 1.5-meter markings at our locations to show the appropriate distance between persons.
  • The employees that serve you at our counters will be wearing disposable gloves. The counters are separated by plexiglass and are sanitized using a disinfectant after each visit.
  • Our payment terminals are sanitized and covered with a plastic bag that will be changed after each use.
  • If the location is busy (over 5 customers inside), we will ask you to wait outside. The reason for this, of course, is to prevent too many people being present in the same room, meaning we can no longer guarantee your health and that of our employees.
  • We ask you not to come to the counter with more than 1 person (unless this person is a co-driver).

Additional measures with regard to your rental car:

  • Upon arrival, your rental car is immediately cleaned and ventilated in accordance with our standard procedures.
  • While cleaning your car, we disinfect all contact surfaces, such as the seatbelt, door handles, wheel, gearshift, handbrake, dashboard etc. with a disinfectant. Additional items such as child seats, hand trucks, etc. are thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant spray.
  • Your rental car is then parked for you and cleaned with a disinfectant. As soon as this is done, we do not touch your rental car again.
  • Our employees wear disposable gloves during the cleaning process and while driving your rental car.
  • The car key is cleaned with a disinfectant and handed to you in a closed envelope unless you are the driver of this rental car.
  • The tablet you use to sign for receipt or when returning the rental car will be cleaned with a disinfectant after use.

Card payments

To further reduce the risk of infection, we urge you to pay by card or mobile phone as much as possible. That way, we can limit physical contact and adhere to the RIVM guidelines.

Changing or canceling your reservation

All customers can change or cancel national reservations up to 24 hours before pick-up time. International reservations can be changed or canceled up to 48 hours before pick-up time.


We will continue to be available via phone, email, the website and our locations, just like you are used from us. Waiting times may be a little longer due to limited staffing. We hope you understand.

More information

We do our utmost to safeguard our services. For more information about changing or canceling your international reservation, we would like to refer you to the rental terms and conditions of your destination. For reservations within the Netherlands, the national terms and conditions apply. You can also contact our Call Center via phone number 088-900 5555 or via