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New Arrivals

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New as of the 12th of September: Volvo V70 / XC70 / S80

The Volvo V70, XC70 and S80 are now being upgraded with a number of features that further emphasise the company's focus on cars designed around the needs and wishes of people in modern society. The new features include the latest user-friendly Volvo Sensus infotainment system, enhanced technology that makes driving even safer and more comfortable, and refined drivelines that offer higher performance and lower fuel consumption.

Volvo V70

Volvo XC70

Volvo S80

The Volvo V70 and the Volvo XC70 are registered in our fleet as car class PWAD, the Volvo S80 is registered in our fleet as car class PDAD. These cars have a C-label.

New as of the 28th of June: Peugeot 308 (Facelift)

The new Peugeot 308 comes with a new look. With its new lines, the Peugeot 308 subtly incorporates the Marque’s latest stylistic codes. This makes a drive in this car even more special than is was before!

The Peugeot 308 (Facelift) is registered in our fleet as car class CDMR, CCAR and CWMR. This car is available in an A, B and C label.

New as of the 20th of June: Toyota Avensis Wagon

The new avensis is thin, athletic and dynamic. The exterior provides excellent and flexible driving skills for a comfort ride. The quality of the interior amplifies this feeling with the trusted comfort of the Avensis!

The Toyota Avensis Wagon is registered in our fleet as car class SWMR. This car has an B label.

New as of 18th May: Mercedes-Benz C-klasse (Facelift)

The Mercedes-Benz C-Klasse is a true alrounder. The car impresses with dynamic and powerful design and comfort.

The Mercedes-Benz C-class is registered in our fleet as car class FDAR / FWAR / FDAD. This car has an C label.