Europcar and Greenwheels

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Europcar and Greenwheels

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In 2009 Europcar and Greenwheels have improved their services by working together.

Benefits Greenwheels Members

Europcar offers Greenwheels customers the opportunity to rent a car for longer time periods, for instance to go on vacation or away for the weekend. Beside that, Greenwheels members can now rent more
spacious cars. This can be useful when for example you are going to move to another house. Greenwheels members get special rates when renting a car at Europcar in the Netherlands.

Benefits Europcar Customers

Greenwheels gives Europcar customers, when becoming a Greenwheels member, the opportunity to rent cars for shorter periods than 4 hours. The reserved Greenwheels car can be picked up anytime at one of the 1200 Greenwheels locations in the Netherlands.

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